Sunday, August 7, 2011


Assalamualaikum :)

hello there, readers. how's your fast? i bet you feel hungry and can't wait to break your fast. hehe. i know i am :P

so anyway, as you can see my title, i wrote 'Vlog'.

so, what is vlog? i know most of you already know what vlog is. it's in a way where you blog-ing. but instead of writing, you make a video, talking about a topic that you want to talk about. am i right? yes.

vlog-ing has become like a new way to express your thoughts, believes, or whatsoever. in my opinion, vlog is cool and a direct communication between you and the viewer. but the vlogger must know how to attract people to watch their videos. interesting topic, good communication, attractive videos and some other aspects are important to increase the number of viewers.

there are some vlogs that i do like either from local or outsiders. for example, i like vlogs made by Anwar Hadi, Matluthfi, Aman Wan, Maria Elena and Amena. i am sure most of you know who Anwar Hadi, Matluthfi, Aman Wan and Maria Elena are, right? they are the most popular vloggers in Malaysia, and yes, i like all of them! while, Amena is a vlogger form UK. i love her vlogs.. she makes hijab tutorial as well :) every one of them have their own way on how to express their thoughts to viewers.

but for me, i am an 'old school'.. huhu.. i prefer to blog rather than vlog. because i don't have the talent to speak in front of the camera talking to the viewers. shy? maybe.. heee.

so anyway, here are some of the videos of the famous vloggers that i mentioned earlier

  • Anwar Hadi

  • Matluthfi

  • Aman Wan

  • Maria Elena

  • Amena

do visit their youtube sometimes ok? i'm sure you will like their vlogs.

so, what do you thinks? which one do you prefer? vlog or blog? :)

that's all for now.. thanks for reading! 


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