Saturday, May 26, 2012

hey guys, i am no longer going to update this particular blog.
however, i have a new blog which is
just started the blog, so just have not so many entries there. but that will be the only blog that i will update after this.
sorry for the trouble, though.
thanks anyway, for those who always come by to stop at this blog of mine.
i assure you that my new blog will be much more better than this, i hope.
so yeap, thanks for everything.

farewell, readers.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Raya, Oh Raya!

Assalamualaikum :)

my dear readers, how are you? Alhamdulillah we are going to be in the second week of Ramadhan. it means that insyaAllah we will be celebrating Aidilfitri in about 2+ weeks. have you guys prepared for raya? huhu

i am sure that most of you have already getting busy buying baju raya and some other stuffs, right? or maybe, before Ramadhan you have already buy those things? hehe. i know, every year most of us will buy new clothes, new curtains, new furnitures etc. but you know, you should bear in mind that you have to SAVE YOUR MONEY. don't buy to many because surely you won't use them(baju raya especially) for the period of raya, because it's too many..

when it comes to buying baju raya, girls especially, tend to rambang mata. tengok sana suka, tengok sini suka. haha. that's a normal scenario, right? faham sangat dah, sebab saya pun perempuan, maa =P originally, you only wanted to buy one or two pairs of baju kurung, but at the end of the day, WALAAA! 5-6 pairs! hahaha. kan? kan? tambah-tambah lagi bila ada promotion macam 'beli 2 dengan harga RM100' atau lebih kurang macam tu la. lepas tu, kita pulak senang termakan pujuk rayu penjual, apa lagi, borong la.. haha. and then, lagi satu masalah bila tengok yang tu cantik, dah confirm dah nak beli, dah beli dah pun yang tu. pastu, jalan lagi, masuk pulak satu lagi kedai, ternampak pulak dah yang lagi cantik, berkenan, tauke tu pulak bagi harga cunn punya, apa lagi? ZAPPP! terus bayar. tengok, dah dua pasang baju, dalam satu hari shopping. hahaha. puasa ada 30 hari... this happens every time, i know. this year, my mom asked me to use baju kurung utk pakai pegi kelas tu je, sebab dah banyak sangat dah baju.. haha =D don't take it hardly, ok girls? i'm a girl too, so i know how it feels. huhu

okay, let's look at another situation. OPEN HOUSE. heeee. i love open houses! especially the foods. kikiki. i know you guys pun suka open house sebab free foods kan? :P huhu, however, the problem goes to the houses' owners. why? this is because some of the owners are so excited nak dapat tetamu, buat open house besar-besaran, jemput ramai-ramai, over budget. bila sampai hari open house, tengok-tengok orang yg datang tak seramai yang dibudget. as a result, makanan banyak berlebihan. selalu terjadi, kan? kalau rumah dekat dengan surau atau masjid, bolehla sedekah waktu open house tu. tapi yang sedihnya, biasanya orang nak sedekahkan makanan tu bila dah habis majlis. biasanya katerer tu masak dari malam yang sebelumnya. kan? sometimes, bila dah petang-petang tu, makanan mula lah nak start basi. so, takkanlah nak sedekahkan makanan yang dah nak basi tu? at last, all the foods have to be thrown away. tak ke membazir tu? ishishish..

raya, oh raya....
hari raya is supposed to be hari kemenagan umat Islam setelah berjaya mengharungi satu bulan yang penuh dugaan dan perlu menahan nafsu dan keinginan daripada melakukan perkara yang tidak berfaedah dan maksiat dan juga untuk membersihkan diri. that's why we should celebrate Aidilfitri moderately. if not, sayanglah puasa sebulan kita, lepas puasa, kita kembali buat perkara-perkara yang tidak patut, pembaziran contoh paling tepat. therefore, we should be more rational when buying those things for raya. don't go over budget.

okay, huhu. so Salam Ramadhan, again :) and insyaAllah, we will celebrate raya, so, Salam Aidilfitri to all muslims. please forgive me if my words have offended some of you. but anyhow, thanks for reading =)


Do You?

i know this is a little bit emotional, but then again, this is what i think of. i haven't write for so long, so be nice.. ngee :)

Do you ever feel like your heart burns?
It burns like you hurt so much you want to cry.
Or do you ever think that you want to scream?
Scream your lungs out to the air.
You feel like no one ever hears you out.
You feel like you want to run away.
Run away from this road.
Even for just a few seconds.
You see the world differently.
As if the world is so dark that you might loss yourself.
Or the journey that you take is too far away.
Do you?
Being invincible is always the whole thing to you.
Scared to be loud or even just saying ‘hi’.
You wanted so badly that the world to hear you.
You wanted to speak the truth but then you just hold it.
You wanted to see the undeniably bright colours that truly exist in this world.
But then again, no.
You are too scared to look outside.
You are too scared to see the truth.
Something in the past makes you feel so.
Do you ever feel like that?
You wanted to be other than invincible.
But you don’t know how.
This feeling will trap you forever. 

do you ever feel like this? it's a fact that we do, somehow feel like this even just for a second, right? yes, this a part of life that you cannot run away from. it's a lie if you say that your life is sooo damn perfect that you never ever experience this feeling. but even so, have the time of your life. don't make yourself regrets in the future that you never take a time just for yourself, doing the things that YOU want to in these days. sometimes we have to do something for ourself, not the others. 


Assalamualaikum :)

hello there, readers. how's your fast? i bet you feel hungry and can't wait to break your fast. hehe. i know i am :P

so anyway, as you can see my title, i wrote 'Vlog'.

so, what is vlog? i know most of you already know what vlog is. it's in a way where you blog-ing. but instead of writing, you make a video, talking about a topic that you want to talk about. am i right? yes.

vlog-ing has become like a new way to express your thoughts, believes, or whatsoever. in my opinion, vlog is cool and a direct communication between you and the viewer. but the vlogger must know how to attract people to watch their videos. interesting topic, good communication, attractive videos and some other aspects are important to increase the number of viewers.

there are some vlogs that i do like either from local or outsiders. for example, i like vlogs made by Anwar Hadi, Matluthfi, Aman Wan, Maria Elena and Amena. i am sure most of you know who Anwar Hadi, Matluthfi, Aman Wan and Maria Elena are, right? they are the most popular vloggers in Malaysia, and yes, i like all of them! while, Amena is a vlogger form UK. i love her vlogs.. she makes hijab tutorial as well :) every one of them have their own way on how to express their thoughts to viewers.

but for me, i am an 'old school'.. huhu.. i prefer to blog rather than vlog. because i don't have the talent to speak in front of the camera talking to the viewers. shy? maybe.. heee.

so anyway, here are some of the videos of the famous vloggers that i mentioned earlier

  • Anwar Hadi

  • Matluthfi

  • Aman Wan

  • Maria Elena

  • Amena

do visit their youtube sometimes ok? i'm sure you will like their vlogs.

so, what do you thinks? which one do you prefer? vlog or blog? :)

that's all for now.. thanks for reading! 


Reactivating! :)


how are you, guys? :)

hehe, my god, lamanya tak menulis. i think since 5 months ago, i didn't update my blog. huhu.
anyway, lately i've made up my mind that i want to reactivate my blog. i'll write as much as i can, but depends on how much idea that i have! huhu.

so yeah, i'll write again later..
anyway, SALAM RAMADHAN to all muslims :)


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