Sunday, August 7, 2011

Do You?

i know this is a little bit emotional, but then again, this is what i think of. i haven't write for so long, so be nice.. ngee :)

Do you ever feel like your heart burns?
It burns like you hurt so much you want to cry.
Or do you ever think that you want to scream?
Scream your lungs out to the air.
You feel like no one ever hears you out.
You feel like you want to run away.
Run away from this road.
Even for just a few seconds.
You see the world differently.
As if the world is so dark that you might loss yourself.
Or the journey that you take is too far away.
Do you?
Being invincible is always the whole thing to you.
Scared to be loud or even just saying ‘hi’.
You wanted so badly that the world to hear you.
You wanted to speak the truth but then you just hold it.
You wanted to see the undeniably bright colours that truly exist in this world.
But then again, no.
You are too scared to look outside.
You are too scared to see the truth.
Something in the past makes you feel so.
Do you ever feel like that?
You wanted to be other than invincible.
But you don’t know how.
This feeling will trap you forever. 

do you ever feel like this? it's a fact that we do, somehow feel like this even just for a second, right? yes, this a part of life that you cannot run away from. it's a lie if you say that your life is sooo damn perfect that you never ever experience this feeling. but even so, have the time of your life. don't make yourself regrets in the future that you never take a time just for yourself, doing the things that YOU want to in these days. sometimes we have to do something for ourself, not the others. 

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